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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movie: Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows

After my husband and I watched Big Show, a Giant's World, I was in a wrestling mood and searched for something else WWE-related on Netflix. Then I came across this movie. I wasn't ever a huge Bret Hart fan; I thought he was cool when I was little and my younger brothers watched WWF.

Well, this movie takes us behind the scenes in Bret's life, showing us a bit of what it was like to grow up in the Hart family, and then onto how he debuted in the WWF. We really get an inside look into what happened during what's called The Montreal Screwjob--where Vince McMahon goes back on his word and makes Bret lose his last match ever in the WWF before leaving for WCW.

I had heard about this whole big thing, and how Bret and Shawn Michaels hated each other, but I didn't know the whole story. Shawn was really a dick to Bret back then! And Vince went back on his promise that Bret wouldn't lose to Shawn in Canada for his last show--Vince called for the staff to ring the bell, saying that Bret tapped out of the Sharpshooter Shawn did to him, even though it wasn't true!

Of course, Bret, Shawn, and Vince all get along better now that over a decade has passed since that incident. It was actually very fascinating, and I learned that Bret is a really cool, down-to-earth guy who was unhappy about where the WWF was heading with all of the sexual and rude elements being added to the WWF product. I actually like him more now--except that he recently remarried a lady younger than me when he's older than my parents! Ugh.

Well, anyway, I definitely recommend this to anyone interested in Bret Hart/The Hart Dynasty/the Montreal Screwjob

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