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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Edge had to retire last night on Monday Night Raw due to an injury to his neck that has worsened over time; he said that if he were to continue to wrestle, he could end up in a wheelchair. You can read more about this whole thing here.

So, his last televised match was at Wrestlemania XXVII against Alberto del Rio. It was pretty good, but it didn't last too long (for a Wrestlemania match). Who knew that it would be the last match we'd ever see Edge participate in?

At least he kept his belt. The big question is what will happen with the World Heavyweight Championship...the most likely scenario would be that Christian steps in for Edge against Alberto del Rio at Extreme Rules in May.

But...I'm not so concerned about that now.

My favorite superstar is gone! It seems as though he just got back from his Achilles injury (though his return was at the January 2010 Royal Rumble as a secret entrant). I don't know what to do...I'm so bummed out! Whenever I'd go to a WWE event, I'd make an Edge sign. Now what? Wrestling will be so empty!

This just sucks.

He will be missed very much by the WWE Universe...and by ME!

Monday, April 11, 2011

An Observation


It always amazes me when I see a mom or both parents totally ignoring the kids they have in a store or where ever...while she's pregnant with another one! Hello...? You don't even like the ones you have!

Hmmm...maybe that's why they're trying again--to get one they do like and won't ignore?