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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Movie: A Fire in the Sky

Something made my husband think of this movie, so we watched it last night. I wasn't sure what to expect, not having heard about it before, but I ended up enjoying it very much!

A Fire in the Sky takes place in 1975 in Arizona. A group of men work as loggers as part of a crew led by Mike Rogers. On the way home one evening, they see something strange in the distance: it's described by Allan Dallis as being like fire. As they get closer to it, they realize that what they're looking at is something they've never seen before: it's some sort of spaceship--a UFO.

The 'dreamer' of the group, Travis Walton, exits the truck to approach the ship--even as the rest of the crew shouts at him to get back. Suddenly, a ray of light hits Travis, knocking him to the ground. The crew thinks that he's dead and flees the scene. Realizing what they've done by leaving Travis behind--dead or not, Mike soon returns to the spot Travis fell but doesn't find appears that he disappeared. Was he abducted?

The rest of the crew tries to work with the authorities to find their fellow crew member/friend, but no one believes their story. Eventually, they agree to take a lie-detector test to prove that they're telling the truth. Will they ever see Travis again?

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