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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Okay, SummerSlam was this past Sunday (August 15) and I wasn't planning on watching it. Of course I wasn't going to shell out $50 or whatever it would cost me to order it, and, sometimes, finding a stream online on which to watch it gets stressful if the stream sucks or is cut or whatever. Plus, being the huge Edge fan that I am and knowing that he'd only be participating in the stupid Nexus match, I wasn't too excited about the whole ppv.

But then around 7:30pm (CST) I got a bit curious and told myself that I'd try to find a stream; I kept thinking about who would be the 7th member of Team WWE (or is it Team Raw?), who would be named Raw's general manager, and who would turn heel; all topics that were swirling around iwc.

I came in around the time The Miz was in the ring getting ready to announce whether or not he was going to join Team WWE or not. So I missed Dolph and Kofi's match for the I-C title (which was interrupted by stupid Nexus anyhow) and the divas match, which I couldn't care less about. They should just get rid of the women, ha ha. I want to watch the hot guys, not some scantily-clad, under-nourished (for the most part), overly-made-up ho's, ha ha.

The other matches: Big Show vs the SES (Big Show won), Sheamus vs Randy Orton for the WWE title (Sheamus was disqualified, so the title didn't change hands), and
Rey Mysterio vs Kane (Kane won and the Undertaker came back for the first time in months--from a casket! I was surprised when he came out of the previously empty casket; I'm sometimes easily surprised, what can I say).

I didn't really care about the Big Show/SES match; I only wanted Big Show to win because that might mean that the SES will disband and the whole straight edge thing will die. I used to not mind/sort of like CM Punk until then; now he's totally gross and annoying with all of his hairiness and preaching. Luke Gallows just grosses me out; he reminds me of some guy that tries to touch people when they don't want to be touched or something. Joey Mercury and Serena don't interest me at all.

The Sheamus/Randy Orton match seemed slow to me at first, but then it was really good until Sheamus had to go be a dumbass and get disqualified and bring everything to a screeching halt...until Randy RKO'd him on the announce table. Nice!

I didn't care too much about the Rey Mysterio/Kane match either. I'm not a huge Rey fan and Kane is interesting to me but not too exciting. I cared more for what would happen with the Undertaker's return; I wondered, would it be during the match or after? Well, he made his appearance afterwards. He exchanged some words with Rey-which I couldn't understand on the stream I was watching-and then angrily turned to Kane. He tried to do the tombstone piledriver but things didn't turn out the way he planned; instead, Kane did the tombstone piledriver on him! This was to show that the Undertaker isn't as strong as he used to be after his time 'in a vegetative state.' (That was a pretty stupid storyline, by the way. And why use the term 'vegetative state'...why not use he's in a coma or he's been unconscious..? And how did he come out of it? Was he under a doctor's care or something? Well, whatever). Since I'll be at Night of Champions next month, I'm pretty happy that he'll probably be in a match then.

The final match was the Team WWE vs Nexus. I sort of have less to say on this match than all the rest, even though my guy Edge was in it. When The Miz's music hit because he was supposed to be the 7th guy on the team, John Cena stopped his entrance and announced that the team couldn't wait so long to get an answer from him, so they asked someone else. I was hoping it wouldn't be Daniel Bryan--not because I don't like him as a wrestler--I just don't really care for anything having to do with Nexus AND Bryan is a little guy (and I usually like the bigger guys) AND he's not hot (let's face it). He'll be what Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne are to me--sort of entertaining but not one of my favorites at all. But sure enough, it was indeed Bryan and everyone seems just so happy over this. Blah blah, I'll just wait for the hype to die down over this because I don't really care.

Anyway, Edge wasn't even in the match that long (I think he pinned the Elmer Fudd guy and fought with the red-haired guy for a bit--Heath Slater) before arguing with John Cena about who should be tagged in...then he was pinned by surprise (I forget by whom)...then he and Chris Jericho beat John Cena up a little bit before leaving. Cena ended up winning the match for Team WWE by pinning someone I forget and then the slicked-back-with-grease British guy Wade Barrett I think his name is. A lot of people were pissed about Cena winning it all again, but it didn't surprise me; that's how WWE rolls!

So I was less-than-impressed with this ppv. I think it's outrageous that the WWE expects its fans to drop like $50 on ppvs 12 months a year...that comes out to around $600/year! That is INSANE. Plus, if I actually paid for one of these, I'd want it to be AWESOME and MIND-BLOWING and all that. This--and many other ones I've watched via stream--have been meh.

I'm so scared that Edge is going to retire soon and I don't have a huge crush on anyone else right now! Maybe Randy Orton, but I've heard that he's an asshole in real life. Plus he collects guns--yikes. Well anyway.

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