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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Library Laments

Overly made-up/fried-hair older lady patron: Where is there an internet computer. [a statement, not a question]

Me: *gestures at stand-up use computer* Right over here; it's a ten-minute-limit one that doesn't print, but you're free to use it; otherwise there are many computers for adults upstairs.

OMU/FHOLP: I've used the computer here before to check my email and print. Today I'm in a hurry.

Me: Okay.

(computer is occupied by a mom and son, OMU/FHOLP walks up behind them)

OMU/FHOLP: *sighs loudly, then points to a kids' game computer and calls across the open space* What about that one?

Me: *looks up from work* Umm, no, that's a children's computer for games. The stand-up one is the only internet computer on this floor.

OMU/FHOLP: *fidgets for a moment behind mom and son* There aren't any other computers?

Me: *looks up from work again* Uhh, no, not on this floor. There are computers for adults upstairs. *sighs*

OMU/FHOLP: *fidgets a bit more, then wanders off upstairs*

(mom and son almost immediately vacate the stand-up computer)


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