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Friday, August 6, 2010

Movie: Dinner for Schmucks

I thought Dinner for Schmucks was pretty good! I went not really knowing what to expect and found that I really enjoyed it.

A quick plot synopsis: a guy named Tim works for a stockbroking (?) firm and wants to make it "to the seventh floor", which is where all the important guys work. To see if he'll fit in the shoes of the guy who just got fired, Tim is invited to a dinner where everyone is supposed to bring a guest--not just any guest, but someone really strange/odd so that these "important" rich guys can make fun of them. Tim's girlfriend wants him to get out of going because, well, making fun of people is mean. When Tim accidentally hits someone (Barry) reaching for a dead mouse in the street that he plans on using in his dioramas, Tim thinks he has found his guy and that fate brought them together. After a number of crazy adventures and misunderstandings (chiefly involving Tim's girlfriend), Tim and Barry realize that they can be real friends.

This movie had some funny moments, some awwww moments, and some wtf moments. Maybe because I'm a chick myself, I don't know, but I didn't love the Darla character. So creepily annoying! I'm sure that's what the producers/directors were going for but it seemed way over the top.

That aside, it was a good movie. I usually enjoy Paul Rudd and Steve Carell and I wasn't disappointed!

Overall, I give it 3.5/5

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